MBA Scholarships In the USA For International Students

International Students seeking graduate business education opportunities in the United States should consider applying for scholarships to help offset costs associated with their studies. There are many opportunities available at MBA programs and specialized MBA scholarships for graduate students interested in studying business overseas.

Many scholarships are awarded based on academic performance and merit, while other scholarships look at the diversity and financial needs of the applicant pool. Diversity scholarship programs are designed to increase the number of minority applicants in graduate programs. In contrast, aid-based scholarships help to provide deserving students who may not be financially able to afford tuition. These types of scholarships are intended to assist international students in securing financial support and enriching their educational experiences.

International students who need scholarships and want to study in an MBA program should apply for scholarships that will help them with their educational expenses, such as accommodation, course materials, transportation costs, and other expenses associated with studying MBA program in the USA.

MBA Scholarships In the USA For International Students
These are some of the most prestigious scholarship opportunities that are available for international students:

1. Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award

The Golden Key Clubs are unique graduate honor societies that are represented in numerous chapters throughout the world. In each of the clubs, members gain recognition for specific aspects of activities and leadership within the club itself. The members are also able to create change.

You can apply for the Golden Key Awards if you have excellent academic standing as a graduate student. To be considered, you should submit your resume, personal statement, and transcripts. They will help you create positive change in society. You will get $2,500 as a reward for being selected as one of the scholars for the Academic Year.
Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award was founded in 1977, and it has expanded throughout the world. The award is available to everyone who applies annually. However, only high academic achievers have the chance to win this award. The scholarship helps its winners develop their potential and create change in the upcoming years.

2. The Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco Financial Leadership Scholarships

The Financial Women’s Association of San Francisco was established to provide women with a platform to help them succeed in areas like finance, accounting, and financial leadership. The objective of the Association is to encourage women interested in finance and help them financially in their studies. The scholarship allows women to work with a team of professionals at the university.
The applicants are expected to meet all minimum requirements, such as personal essays, essays on how they plan to use their scholarship if they have any special needs, and recommendations from their mentors. If you meet these criteria, you have a great chance of winning the scholarship.

You can get numerous scholarships at your university if you want to enhance your studies. A chance to win these scholarships depends on your academic performance. Besides the money, other benefits come with these scholarships too.
You can be considered for this scholarship if you are an outstanding academic achiever. Shortlisted applicants stand a chance to get $10,000 from the sponsor. Besides that, there is mentoring from FWSF members and access to financial resources.

3. AAUW Selected Professions Fellowships

The American Association of University Women is the largest grassroots group of women in the world. They grant scholarships to female students interested in pursuing a career in business-related courses. If you are interested in pursuing a career in business, apply for this scholarship to help you reach your educational dream.
To be considered for the academic award by the AAUW, you should have excellent academic records. The universities that offer MBAs that are eligible to participate are numerous and well-known across the United States and internationally. The beneficiaries also get the opportunity to win a prestigious fellowship. You can study full-time in one or two of your favorite business and related courses.
The AAUW selects the best applicants after evaluating their application in terms of academic achievement, leadership, communication skills, and other relevant skills such as writing and computer literacy. If you have met the eligibility criteria, you have a great chance of receiving the scholarship award of $5,000 to $18,000.

4. NBMBAA Graduate Scholarship Program

The National Black MBA Association is one of the best organizations providing financial support to highly talented students interested in pursuing their academic careers. It is one of the few organizations that promote economic empowerment by providing financial support to eligible individuals to get MBAs from various universities.
The scholarship program aims at providing ambitious students with one-of-a-kind financial support through scholarships and other benefits like airfare, accommodation, etc. The scholarship will be $100,000 in universities like Indiana University, Georgia Tech, and Bentley University based on their performance.

NBMBAA has many scholarships to serve scholars with different academic backgrounds. The application requirements differ from one scholarship program to another program. Candidates must submit proof of professional achievement in academics, research, and professional achievements.
Besides that, applicants should also demonstrate leadership skills, commitment to NBMBAA’s mission and goals, and potential to succeed in the MBA field. If you are eligible for the scholarship and have met the scholarship requirements, you have a bright chance of winning this award.

5. Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization. It was founded by many highly professional social workers worldwide with tremendous experience working in a similar field. Their main aim is to fight against fraud; thus, they have been offering scholarships to students who will help them meet their mission.

The organization established the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship in honor of the two terrorists killed in 1997. They were both Certified Fraud Examiners and have a long history of working together to increase the awareness of fraud examination within their professions. The scholarship provides financial support to students in different courses like accounting, business, finance, etc.
The scholarship will be paid directly to the student’s accounts, and they can use it to pay their tuition, fees, books, and other expenses related to their academic studies. The cycle of this scholarship is every year, so you should keep in touch with the organization regularly.

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