5 Scholarships To Study Abroad In the USA

It is not easy to pay for university when you are from outside the U.S. This can be frustrating if you consider studying abroad in the U.S. as part of your degree. You may have to rely on scholarships and grants, which can help, but more is needed. Here we will talk about scholarships to study abroad in the USA so you can apply.

There are many reasons to study in the USA, one of which is because it is one of the largest economies in the world and the most powerful. When you graduate from a U.S. university, your degree will give you a distinct advantage in the job market, and you will be able to use what you learn to impact the world positively.

U.S. universities are also among the best in the world and more popular than ever with international students. In fact, at some point, more foreigners are studying in U.S. universities than Americans studying abroad. There have been many initiatives by private and public bodies that want to help people from other countries achieve their dreams of studying abroad in the USA. And they do this by providing scholarships to cover the cost of studying in the U.S.

This blog post will look at the types of scholarships available, how you can apply for them, and at insights for successful application.

5 Scholarships To Study Abroad In the USA

1. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

The American University is highly selective in its admission process and only admits exceptional students. The number of scholarship recipients is limited. Therefore the scholarship committee selects a diverse class of candidates from a pool of applicants. The committee reviews all applicants before making their final selections based on their academic and professional achievements, personal qualities, and commitment to community service, leadership, and public service. Satisfactory academic performance is a requirement of the scholarship. It is worth noting that all applicants must graduate with a high-Grade Point Average (GPA) or higher to remain in good academic standing.

The award is renewable based on continued satisfactory academic performance, community service and leadership activities, and recommendations from the A.U. Office of Fellowships, Awards & Financial Aid, and the student’s department chair.
Also, students interested in this scholarship must demonstrate commitment to positive social change and civic engagement through extracurricular activities. Students must show a strong interest in serving under-resourced, underserved communities in their countries of origin by utilizing their knowledge and skills.

2. Georgetown University Scholarships for African Students

In 2014, Georgetown University became one of the first American universities to provide an African international student with a full-tuition scholarship. The MSFS at Georgetown University is a two-year, full-time master’s degree program in International Affairs. Students are selected based on their academic achievements and potential contribution to national and international affairs.
The two-year Master of Science in Foreign Service Scholarship is designed for African students ready to pursue graduate studies in International Affairs at a leading university. These students will study with leading experts and have opportunities to sharpen their research and language skills, gaining in-depth knowledge and understanding of world affairs.
The university is committed to training future leaders who will transform the world through an innovative, solutions-oriented approach. This scholarship aims at inspiring talented African students to pursue a career in international affairs and become agents of change in Africa.

Ensuring the student is fully-funded can help increase the interest in foreign service from underrepresented minorities. There is a competitive process to get selected by the selection committee. The university considers the following factors in selecting its students: Academic record, motivation, leadership abilities, language skills, and academic promise.
The need-based scholarship includes full tuition and fees at Georgetown University and a monthly stipend. Students must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution before applying for this scholarship. The scholarship will cover all living expenses while attending college in the U.S.

3. Obama Foundation Scholars Program for Emerging Leaders

The Obama Foundation’s goal is to create a space for global leaders to create a positive impact. This program intends to cultivate the next generation of leaders who can assist in creating a world of equal opportunity for all.
Scholars will be selected based on their academic and professional achievements, commitment to purposeful action, leadership track record, and civic engagement. The Obama Foundation Scholars Program is a fully funded scholarship for full one-year tuition at the University of Chicago for graduate students in the Arts department.

This scholarship is open to students from all countries, including those undocumented, with a promise of legal residency, or who have been awarded post-graduate studies fellowships. Students must be enrolled at the University of Chicago for the coming year to study full-time in their master’s degree program.

The program provides an opportunity for the Obama Foundation Scholars to engage in philanthropic solutions while also gaining invaluable insight and knowledge to lead in the 21st century. This scholarship is meant to contribute to change through leadership development, community-based research, and civic engagement on issues of global importance. It is limited to emerging global leaders and has a very selective admissions process.

4. Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program at Stanford University

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars program is one of the most prestigious scholarship programs at Stanford University. It provides fully funded scholarships for 90 high-achieving students worldwide to pursue their advanced education at Stanford University. The scholarship winners will be selected from thousands of applicants who demonstrate significant leadership potential and commitment to improving society through education.
The program is divided into two parts: the first is a two-day summit, where the scholars will meet with senior Stanford faculty members, who provide them with insight into their chosen field. The program also features an academic seminar focused on interdisciplinary learning and research and a community service project. Scholars are also offered opportunities to network and interact with Stanford alums across multiple disciplines to form an extensive network of social and professional connections.

The second part of the program is the actual scholarship. Applicants are evaluated based on their undergraduate achievement, career experience, and leadership potential. The selection process is very competitive and rigorous, as it usually takes several months to review each application.
An independent committee composed of alums, faculty members, and business leaders selects the winners from the pool of applicants. A unique aspect of this scholarship program is that each scholar can work full-time or part-time at their graduate school for a year before continuing studies at Stanford for up to two years.
This total tuition-free annual award of $36,000 covers all school-related expenses, such as books, living accommodations, and travel. Scholars are also provided with a free health insurance plan and, in some cases, will be provided additional funding for research or other activities.

5. Rotary Peace Fellowship for Masters and Professional Programs

The Rotary Peace Fellowship is a fully funded scholarship for individuals dedicated to creating positive change by promoting peace and understanding. The program is funded by the Rotary Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to cultivate peace through fellowship and generate international understanding across the globe.
Through its fellowships, the Rotary Foundation supports individuals with exceptional academic credentials who can make an impact through education and community service. The fellowship is divided into two parts: the first part is the selection process, and the second is the grant, which comes with a fully funded scholarship at one of the Rotary Peace Centers. The rigorous selection process occurs during the first two months of each year.
The fellowship offers students the opportunity to participate in various community service projects, internships, study abroad programs and research activities, and social events. Fellows also receive grants that cover their university fees and room and board. The fellowship has been awarded to individuals from around the world, such as the United States, Canada, South Korea, and Japan.

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